teacher is making us write a blog post on what we LIKE about learning.  I find this to be….quite challenging to say the least. There is nothing to great about learning in my opinion..i mean nothing i LIKE but, I guess i have to think of something !

First, I learning can be quite fun IF the teacher makes it fun. A lot of teachers just talk and tell us to do work, which really doesn’t help much at all. The teachers that get kids involved in learning and stuff like that are the best. I like learning sometimes because it allows us to use our brains to the best of our ability. That may sound a bit corny but yeah I mean it. Also, because of learning, we get to go to school and meet new people so that is always good as well. Although learning can be boring, it should be liked because it gives us many opportunities!!!

March Madness Baby!

June 6, 2010

Hi guys! As you all SHOULD know, its MARCH! And that means MARCH MADNESS…. Well its time for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This is the best time of year and in many people’s view, the best sports tournament int the world. Personally, I love basketball so I follow this tournament until the end. The first round was played in the first two days of the tournament. My pick to win it all….is Kentucky. I believe they won by 30 today and they are looking good:)

Stay tuned for updates on the tournament!

In my english class…we are reading the novel Dracula and now we are learning about the role of gothic elements in the novel. Some elements include, death, supernatural, etc. We have come to a conclusion that these gothic elements play a huge role in the novel because it gives the reader that chilly feeling you need when reading a scary book.

Loaded With Work…

June 6, 2010

Hey guys! Its about that time of year……. nearing the end of the school year, teachers are giving us tests and projects like never before. I kind of find this to be….ridiculous because we have final exams in two weeks. BUT, whatever, got to deal with it i guess. Well I should be studying rather than updating my blog but yeah. This is always the toughest part of the year and its really time to focus. I hope you guys aren’t as stressed. Well that’s all I got for you. BYE

Sorry about not updating my blog!!! I had my posts on a document on my mac, but just never posted them up. MY BAD. Anyways, my final post of my sophomore year will be about…….yes, a reflection on Ms. P’s English 10 class. At first, I thought Ms. Patterson(my teacher) would be pretty scary. However, I was terribly mistaken. Yes, she can be scary AT TIMES, but pretty much all of the time, shes laid back and really nice. I learned not to trust sparknotes because…….yeah you should just read the actual book. Also, I really developed my writing ability and my ability to analyze quotes and that sort of stuff. DIDLS, literary devices, all that stuff really helped me with my english. Our class was quite small, but we were great. I THINK. Everyone liked each other and we had a great time. I learned how to write essays…comparative essays…and yeah more essays. What  I learned the most was…like breaking down? the passages and yeah. We focused a lot on that and I really gained a lot of knowledge from it. THANK YOU MS P FOR A GREAT YEAR.  I will never forget English 10. Ms. P always made the mood better and she was great. It was simply…a great year, great class.

Canada wins GOLD!

March 1, 2010

I am pretty sure you all know what hockey is. Well, its really a Canadian sport…. not trying to be mean or anything. Earlier during the 2010 Winter Olympics, Canada(favorite to win the gold) lost to the U.S. This was pretty surprising to me and uhh the WHOLE WORLD! Canada had a bunch of young superstars such as..hmmm the arguably the best hockey player in the world; Sidney Crosby. Well, these two teams met again in the Gold medal match. I wasn’t able to watch it because I live in Korea and it was the middle of the night when this game was going on. However, I woke up, went onto and saw the highlights. Man, was it thrilling. People say this game was one of the greatest ever and I would agree! I’m not much of a hockey fan but I got to admit I sort of am now. Canada won in overtime, and my man Sidney Crosby scored the game winner. All throughout sports websites, people are writing articles about how great this game was. IF you did not watch it, you should atleast watch the highlights. IT WAS AWESOME! Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I just thought this game would be something pretty cool to write/talk about. Basically, the game rocked!

Recording & Comments

March 1, 2010

Recording of May Kim\’s OPE #2


Overall, I thought the OPE was very well written. There was an effective use of the grammar patterns we learned in class and all the examples really helped support her thesis. She had quotes to use as evidence although I do not think she cited them correctly. There were a couple grammar mistakes but other than that it was really well written.

Korea’s Superstar

February 24, 2010

I’m assuming everybody knows that the Winter Olympics are in full swing right now. As a Korean citizen, I love seeing my country win medals or just simply doing well. Nothing can describe how amazed I was by Kim Yuna. She has been the icon in Korea and is one of the greatest figure skaters in the world, if not the best. So… it is pretty nice to have the best of the best representing my country. I had no idea she was performing earlier today until people were talking about it all day during school. After taking a test, I logged into facebook…..during class, oops. My home page was filled with new updated statuses about how amazing Kim Yuna did today. She broke her own record!!! woohooo with a score of 78.5. Honestly, i don’t even know what a good score in figure skating is but she is way ahead of everyone right now, so her score must be pretty darn good. To me, she is Korea’s superstar. She is in good position to get the gold medal. She works so hard and I hope it all pays off when she wins the gold. I hope she does! GO KIM YUNA!

Superbowl Thoughts

February 10, 2010

On Sunday, well Monday for people in Korea(like me), the Colts and Saints battled each other in the Super Bowl. This year I wasn’t as hyped up as I was in previous years, especially last year. The super bowl a year ago included my beloved Arizona Cardinals. To be honest, I watched that game during school and although the Cardinals lost in dramatic fashion, it was pretty darn thrilling.

This year, I was not as excited but still it is the SUPER BOWL. Everyone was choosing the Colts to win. I really do not like them much so I was obviously rooting for the New Orleans Saints. I made some bets with friends because all of them were cheering for the Colts. I was pretty surprised about how the Saints won by two touchdowns. The game was exciting and very close until the interception by Harper(a guy on the Saints football team). Well, it sucked I was in school during Super Bowl Sunday but yeah I got to do my work. However I was still able to watch some of it anenjoyed it a lot. After all, it IS the Super Bowl!

Improving my writing

February 9, 2010

I have previously stated that I need to work on my writing and improving it. Well, obviously I need to improve my writing. Nobody is perfect at it, not even all those famous authors. I think the main problem with my writing is how repetitive it is. I think I make good arguments and I have good points but I tend to repeat myself a lot throughout my writing. Honestly, this is a problem I really do not know how to fix. Maybe I just need to choose my words better. Another problem with my writing is that I think I lack analysis. To me, analysis is key in writing. I am very inconsistent at this. Meaning sometimes I do a great job of analyzing and sometimes I do not. If I manage to fix these problems I believe my writing will improve a lot.